Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Despite not feeling great lately, I haven't lost the ability to enjoy BOTH of my little girls. The arrival of the littlest cub to our family has brought so much joy to everyone here. It's fun to watch the Goose enjoy her sister so much and also to hear what silly things she comes up with every minute of the day.

It makes the non-enjoyable physical state I'm in easier to deal with. God sure knows how to give blessings in the midst of trials :)

I'm starting in on the candida regimen I had to stop when I first got pregnant. If experience is anything, it's going to be a rough go. It sure makes you feel yucky. But hopefully it will do some good.

We're also going to pursue some more medical advice over the next few months so we'll see where that leads us. I've had just about every medical test done over the last few years and all were normal. So we're kinda just expecting the next step to be a doctor telling us it's all in my head. Let's hope not. I'm grateful for a supportive husband, friends, and family. Makes it a little easier to bear.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Joint pain returning.

Fatigue a couple times a week.

Trying to figure out what's going on.....