Tuesday, September 29, 2009


...with nausea still. 13 weeks pregnant and still so sick. But at least it's a reassurance that baby is still there and kicking.

We are somewhat geared up (the doctor and I) to deal with the possible problems that may come as a result of my leaky gut and seemingly inability to absorb important nutrients. As soon as I can swallow pills again without throwing them up I will take some extra supplements for those certain fat soluble vitamins that I tested really low for a few months ago. The doctor will monitor the baby's growth closely to see that he/she is getting all it needs. Thankfully the first trimester isn't too key for getting the baby nutrients. It's primarily the 3rd trimester that counts the most so by then I hopefully will be eating better and not so sick.

My bile ducts seem to be acting up once again. I need to get an okay to use digestive enzymes with this pregnancy because the meds I usually use to clear my bile ducts isn't safe for pregnancy. I've had a few painful days but eventually my ducts cleared themselves....just at the expense of a lot of pain.

Sorry for not updating more here...I'm sure I will as I start to feel better!