Friday, February 1, 2013


There really is so much to update on but I've been lax.  We are so close to a final adoption of our little guy and I know after that I will be inclined to write a lot more on here.  But here are some snippets:

*Jan 2012 - June 2012 = a steady INCLINE in my health.  A super, fast-forward moving ahead and we were so so pleased and thankful and so were my doctors!  They predicted I would be starting a "maintenance" regimen soon.  My protocols started getting me to that point....until....

*June 2012 - January 2013 = ever so slow DECLINE - not enough to make a big deal or put me bed-bound, but enough to leave us all scratching our heads.  Even my doctor. My last appointment in January had  them quite confused and I think with the holidays my body sort of surrendered to the decline and I sunk a bit under water because I had been treading for the last 6 months.  With a lot of investigation and true medical detective-ness, it was regrettably determined (and very light-bulby for me) that I was RE-INFECTED around the middle of last year.  More on that in another post eventually.

I'm sadly feeling symptoms again that I had not felt in a couple years, and having to re-do some protocols that were already completed.  While it won't take as LONG to treat the newly re-introduced "bugs", it is quite disheartening to my husband and me to have tasted almost near perfect health again last year, to going back 5 steps now and feeling really icky.  I am so thankful to be in the care of awesome doctors, though and I am confident that God will get me back to at least where I was before I began the decline again, in His time and most hopefully (and prayerfully) within a few months.

*My second little goose was diagnosed with Lyme and co-infections in January.  Quite sad, but such a huge explanation for some very sad symptoms.  She is being treated currently and is doing great and we've already seen improvement in her health!  Praise God!!  I will write more about her symptoms in another post soon because I think it's important to at least make others aware of what congenital Lyme can look like in toddlers.

*My oldest gooseberry is doing GREAT with her (now) year of treatment.  Her symptoms have improved SO SO much and she's nearly there to complete healing.  She's got some pesky Lyme stuff still hanging around, but she's right on track in her treatment and should be finished soon (Lord willing!)

Well, I do most definitely feel "meh" if that can be a feeling.  I long for even just an ounce more energy to make the day more bearable, but am so very thankful because I know even just a year and a few months ago I was not doing as well as I am now.

I will write again....hopefully soon :)