Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So treatment is plugging along.  My Lyme doctor pulses antibiotics and each "cycle" targets certain co-infections of Lyme.  We trudge on.  Recently, I started some Bartonella treatment.  Remember those red spots I referred to?  I started treatment and I got about 100 more of those spots as I dealt with killing the bacteria.

My doctor likes to refer to the "onion" analogy, that as we treat, layers of the onion are being peeled away so sometimes new symptoms can arise.  I've been headache/migraine free for quite a while now, but this Bartonella treatment has brought them on full force again.  But it isn't just the migraine or week-long headaches.  A new symptom -- ice pick headaches.  Those of you who have had them know what I'm talking about.  It's like a lighting bolt that strikes your head intermittently and mine lasted a few days.  It's not constant (thankfully!) but it comes and goes and is awful!

With a family history of aneurysms, I kept going back and forth about whether I should go get it checked out.  Because, even though I have Lyme, and the symptoms where most likely Lyme related, when it's your health, you don't want to miss something that could be more devastating.....especially something that can be caught early.

I waited three days, and fairly confident it WASN'T serious, I went ahead and got it checked out.  A CT scan showed nothing abnormal and the doctors told me it was "just" a migraine.  Further investigation showed that wow!  A symptom of Bartonella is "ice-pick headaches".    I thought it would be helpful to link you to this helpful list of symptoms associated with Lyme and it's co-infections.

Lyme and Co-Infections
Brain Fog
Foot/heel pain
Ice pick headaches
Bowel problems IBS/IBD
Swollen Glands
OCD behavior
Peripheral Neuropathy
Rapid relapse off abx
Immediate illness following tick bite
Subcutaneous nodules
Swollen Joints
Swollen lymph nodes
Psychiatric problems
Shin pain
No response to previous abx
Plantar and costal margin pain (plantar=soles of feet costal margin = The lower edge of the chest (thorax) formed by the bottom edge of the rib cage)
Rapid mood shifts
Development of these symptoms during Babesia Treatment"