Thursday, October 30, 2014

blue sky-ey

We just got back from our monthly trip to see my doctor and we had been praying for good news.  There was a slight scheduling conflict that we weren't informed of until about 2 minutes before we met with the doctor, though!  Instead of meeting with my usual practitioner, we met with Dr. J.  This is not a BAD thing at all.  I am a creature of habit somewhat, especially when it comes to doctors and I love that my practitioner knows my chart and knows me, but I know she works so very closely with Dr. J, and he often stops in to say hi and see how I am doing.  So the change wasn't bad like I said.  Just surprising.  They said my practitioner wasn't in on Tuesdays.  Well, why, then did they schedule me on a Tuesday a month ago if they knew she wouldn't be in??? Oh, front desk!  Oh well, it's really doesn't matter, because my appointment went well and in a lot of ways it was great that we got to meet with Dr. J, because we got to discuss some things with him that we keep forgetting to bring up otherwise.  He's a very patient man and explains things very well both to me and to Matt.

My last month went well; really well, in fact. It was the second month without joint pain which is fantastic and this month I had a noted increase in energy.  Not enough to the point where I could care for the kiddos on my own each day for a whole day, but enough where I wasn't in bed or couch bound and was able to perform more tasks than I was able to even just one month ago.  Both Matt and I have seen a big leap in this.  Dr. J calls them "blue sky days" and asked about how many of them I had this month.  I really couldn't estimate how many as they seemed to be in spurts or moments each day instead of whole days at a time, but they were there!  Blue sky moments!  He was greatly encouraged as were we and he was enough encouraged to say that one more month of IV drugs will be it for me and then it will be on to the oral antibiotic phase. Yipee!

My next IV month will look exactly the same as last month so that means my tummy will be much settled (so thankful), and I'll probably just be worn out a lot and maybe have some headaches (but Dr. J had an idea of how to combat that and thought it may be a toxic thing going on on the brain causing them, so we'll take care of that).  I'll have a phone consult in a month and after discussing it with the doctor, I will not have my line taken out until February.  Even though I won't be using it for IV antibiotics, I will be using it for Lactated Ringer's solution which are super beneficial for flushing out toxins. I think it's basically just sodium chloride, sodium lactate, potassium chloride and calcium chloride in a fluid bag that hooks into my line - in short - electrolytes - the stuff they hook you up to when you get checked into the hospital.

So my excitement of taking a shower and a jacuzzi and whatnot...well, it'll have to wait.  I understand the benefits and I can be patient for my health.

We are so excited that this is the last IV antibiotic month and are so thankful for answered prayers about that. Thank you for praying for us and please continue to do so!  I'm not well yet and need your continued support through prayer.  We are encouraged, though, so be encouraged, too!  We wanted to share the good news!

Friday, October 17, 2014

slightly hopeful

At my last appointment 2 weeks ago, we were encouraged to hear that progress HAS been made and that my PowerLine might be able to come out in a month or two depending on how the next one or two treatment rounds go. I have just finished round one and go back to the doctor in a week and a half.  I'm wondering if I'll hear the magic words, "You're ready to move on to oral antibiotics!" or if they'll want me to do one more round of IV or even more.

You have no idea how much I want to take a shower. And wash my own hair instead of having other people do it for me.  It will feel so good.  And jacuzzis!  Oh jacuzzis!  My parents have one. I'm scheduling it right now.  As soon as this PowerLine is out, I'm going over there and just sitting there for hours. :)

It feels at least like the IV thing is winding down and that is good news.

I think the main tipping point and best news of all is that for the first time in a very very long time, I had no joint pain in any joints during treatment.  That was huge!  And this last round of treatment I didn't either so that is very encouraging.

Both Dr. J and his P.A that I see agreed to give my gut a break and take me off of the vomit-inducing drugs and that helped so much this month. It was such a reprieve.  We had thought we had taken care of all of it last month but there was one pesky drug left that left me still lurching, so they switched me to a supplement that was so much gentler on my tummy.  I was so happy.

We are praying that God is using this medicine to heal me and that I will soon be ready to be a full-time wife to my husband and mommy to my kids!

Thanks for your continued prayers!