Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ever since I was little I would get these little, bright pink "spots"....almost "pin-prick" looking spots on my torso and chest.  Not clumped together or in a rash, but just randomly here and there.  I would ask my mom what they were and she didn't really know and said maybe they were burst blood vessels but we never paid them any mind.

They continued to come and go throughout my life and to this day I still get them.

Last appointment with my LLMD clinic, I just casually tagged on a question to the end of my appointment.  I pulled down my shirt a bit and pointed to the little magenta pin-prick and said, "I get these sometimes...."  She interrupted and matter-of-factly said, "Oh, that's Bartonella."

"What?  Really?  I thought that was in streaks...like stretch marks?"

She said, "No, it can be, but I see patients come in all the time with those exact spots you're showing me.  It's Bartonella.  We see it all the time."

Still I said, "But just focused on my chest and tummy?  I never see them anywhere else."  I don't know why I was so incredulous, because, after all, I do have Bartonella.

The answer, "Oh yes.  A lot of people just have them located on their torso or chest.  Some have tons all over their whole front.  It is definitely Bartonella."

She wasn't concerned.  I mean, I'm on the right meds to deal with it.  But it really got me thinking -- I remember them from an early age and that definitely coincides with when I got my tick bite that resulted in a bulls-eye rash.  Ridiculous!!


  1. JUST bartonella? That's horrible..I would look up what the is. It's not good. I researched it because of this article for the past couple of hours. Thank you for posting. I'm pretty sure I might have Lyme and Bartonella from a tick bite just over a couple years back. God bless

    1. No, I definitely have more than JUST bartonella. I've successfully beaten babesia (whew! That was a hard one to kick!) and picked up several other co-infections from that tick bite. That's why I call it Lyme&Co. Yucky little tick!! If you were bitten, there is a good chance you have more than one co-infection and it's best to treat for a wide number of the co-infections to be sure. But definitely talk with your doctor. Best of luck to you!