Thursday, May 28, 2009


I had another doctor's appointment a couple days ago. I gained another pound since my last appointment!

I brought up my concerns about the returning joint pains and my doctor went somewhere I didn't think he'd go. He said he wants to step up the efforts to make my body well. Instead of dwelling on the yeast (because he thinks I probably have a handle on it), he went on about making sure I eat ALL organic food and how it was incredibly important to never eat genetically modified foods. It was strange to hear a Western Medicine doctor tell me this. He explained a little bit why and it made sense to me. He also said for my body, my gut is probably still messed up from what the yeast has done and may still be doing. So I need to detoxify as well as fill my body with good pure things.

He suggested two other methods to help with this. One is the Gerson Therapy. It is a program that basically states you only eat fruits and vegetables. You do this mainly through juicing. Unfortunately we'd need a specific juicer. Using our existing one would only get out about 5% of the nutrients in the vegetables and fruit. We could go for one that gets out 95% of the nutrients but this would cost us about $1000-2000! This is just not feasible for us. There is another juicer out there that would get about 75% of the nutrients for about $250. This still seems insurmountable to us but we're considering it. It would be a HUGE lifestyle change. Just google the Gerson Therapy and you'll see why.

The other thing he suggested I'm still not on board with. It actually seems gimmicky to me. It's alkaline water. He said this would cleanse my colon and it's something he feels I really need to do. He told me to research it and said it would be hard to sift through all of the gimmicky places in order to find scientific research. Boy was he right! But anyways -- to get alkaline water, I'd need to buy a $2000 machine to do it for me. We most definitely cannot do this. Unless I'm convinced it would cure me it's just not an option for us.

It was sort of disappointing coming away from the appointment. A lot of what this doctor said made sense but at the same time he is suggesting huge lifestyle changes. But if it means getting rid of my fibromyalgia, it might be worth it.

We have a lot to pray about.

I had my vitamin levels tested again to see how well I'm absorbing stuff. Because my gallbladder is out, he suspects some fat soluble vitamins aren't being absorbed by me very well. We'll see....

Next time he wants to test my pesticide levels (from eating non-organic foods). Please pray that we'll make the right decision. My next appointment will most likely be my last appointment with him because we are moving out of state. So we really want to know whether to proceed with the pesticide testing, etc. If it will be beneficial to know and treat me, then we'll do it, but obviously it's not covered by our insurance because it is a new test.


For now we are committed to eating all organic (we were currently eating about 75% organic food in our home) and trying really hard to avoid genetically modified foods (REALLY hard to do because just about everything from fruits and veggies to packaged food are genetically modified -- did you know in Europe they have to be labeled and they've found them to be harmful! But here in the U.S there are no regulations against them so things are usually not labeled).

And I'm juicing a lot more frequently now even though I'm only getting 5% of the nutrients I need from it. I figure a little is better than nothing.

Hopefully we can slowly transition after our move to the possibility of the Gerson Therapy and hopefully that can solve my problems once and for all!

Sorry for all the info and now you probably consider me an official 'wack' job and true Californian crunchy nut :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

old fashion

....because I'm culturing my own yogurt. AND making my own coconut water kefir. Coconut Kefir is supposed to be a double whammy against systemic yeast. Okay, so the yogurt is for my daughter. But I promise I'll try it.

Lately I've felt a resurgence of achy achy joints and muscles and some other symptoms that tell me the yeast is definitely rearing it's ugly head and not wanting to admit defeat.

I have another appointment with my doctor on Tuesday so I'm eager to give him my symptoms and hear what he thinks we should do next. I'm just hoping it doesn't involve a super diet. I just don't know I could do without dairy. I can give up sugar, fruit, carbs, but don't take away my cheese. PLEASE!

My energy reserves have been fairly good. I've needed a nap each day and have tried to stay off of my feet for at least part of the day but with a house to be packing up in anticipation for our move this summer, I just can't stay off of my feet long.

Haven't checked my weight lately but last I did check I was staying steady at just about 5 lbs under what I'd like to be at the most minimum. Ideally I'd love to gain 10 lbs more.

Time to go check on my kefir grains!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The plane flight home (a 12+ hour airport/plane experience) could have gone a lot worse with a one-month-shy-of-2 year old. I am counting my blessings and thankful for all the prayers I had.

She was an angel! It didn't make the experience peachy, though. I'm really sore and really exhausted now. And the little Goosey, while fairly still and behaved, was still 25 lbs. on my lap for 8 hours. yikes!

Now I'm praying that this latest traveling adventure won't push me over the edge into weeks upon weeks of feeling miserable as have the last few trips. I do feel stronger this time so I hope that makes a difference. But just to be on the safe side I'm going to relax the rest of the week (as much as a full time mom/part-time work from home mom can).

But really, I'm amazed at how smoothly the travels went and I am much less cynical about flying with a toddler now :) But I won't lie, I don't think I'll do it alone again. I'm happy the next time we fly this summer my husband will be home to help and the Goose will be 2 years old so she'll get her own seat!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, defeated when it came to that migraine yesterday. All day I felt it coming and tried to keep it away. It was the FIRST migraine since 30 days of taking the keep-the-migraines-away meds. I'm supposed to be on it for a year now instead of a month. It's supposed to cut down on your migraines so much. I'd say it has! I used to get them 3 times a week. So once in 30 days is great. But it was a bad one!

Now today I have to fly. Thankfully I had packed everything over the weekend so yesterday I mostly just had to work and I tried to relax. Didn't help that migraine not turn into a full fledged pounding head, though. And today I have the "after" migraine where it feels like you're getting another but actually it's just the migraine going away. Ugh.

My liver blood work came back normal. That's a blessing! I'm glad I don't have another thing to worry about. My liver still hurts so it's probably just overloaded with toxins to deal with as I kill off the not-so-great stuff in my gut.