Monday, November 25, 2013


My, oh, my.  This business of trying to outsmart and kill Lyme & Co. is really getting difficult.  It's always been difficult, got easier, hit some bumps, scaled some mountains, walked through valleys, and now back to climbing a steep cliff it seems.

I've begun a "bio-film" protocol.  Basically all the various bacteria that stinker of a tick injected me with have all been spending 3 years of treatment going into defense.  Some are killed, some have time to create great defense mechanisms - cysts and hiding in seemingly impenetrable bio-film.  We ALL have bio-film.  Our mouths are teeming with them.  This is why Listerine is used and can claim to be antibacterial -- it contains bio-film busters.

Anyhow, recently it was discovered that xylitol (that stuff that is in a lot of chewing gums lately) is a fantastic bio-film buster.  Mixed with lactoferrin, it's a dynamic duo - breaking the bio-film and drawing the dead and living toxins out of the bio-film.

Well, knowing that I've been driving the little buggers into bio film for 3 years, that could mean there's a lot up there to be released.  So I'm on a BUNCH of various antibiotics to be ready for whatever comes charging out.

And boy has the charging begun.  My body is confused.  It's taking attacks on all fronts and while that is good news because it means that the bio-film is being busted up, therefore letting the antibiotics do its work, it means I feel so so awful.

Once I get a hold of one symptom, another pops up....pummel after pummel...and no coming up for air.  I do want to get rid of this disease as fast as possible, but after months and months and years, I would love a break!!!

I'm so ill that I'm constantly in need of the pep talks to keep me going and I'm more and more turning to the Bible and God's promises for encouragement.

On the children's war front - Looks like my oldest might just be ready for maintenance meds.  Yay!!  She is pretty much symptom free and we'll see what they say at her doctor's appointment on Monday.

My littlest girl is still struggling but with some A.B.A therapy on top of her antibiotic protocols, she IS improving.  Such a relief.

Keep us all in your prayers!!