Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am so very ill.  We're not sure why.  I mean, we know why (Lyme), but I haven't been this incapacitated for a long while.  I am needing help walking from room to room whereas before I could usually  make it between rooms by myself except for maybe on really bad days.  This is EVERY day so far.  I've taken a few falls and in general I just feel awful all over - inside and out.  It's so hard to feel this way!!!  We are hoping I'll be strong enough to travel in a week or so when we make the move to Texas.  So please pray my strength will increase even just a little over the next week!  We know God is sovereign over our time here and our travels and that He cares for us, so whatever He has for us in the next week or two we will do!

I fell in the shower the other day.  Then after the shower/getting dressed process I couldn't even walk by myself.  I just sat in the hall waiting for someone to see me because I didn't really have the energy to call out.  Then when I got help to walk just a few feet I was shaking the whole time.

And all this and I wasn't even on antibiotics that week!  So frustrating.  It must have been traveling.  And now I'm on antibiotics again and gearing up to travel/move into our new home state and search for a house.

In the top 5 stressors of life are:


Please, please pray I can regain some strength before moving on to our next destination.

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