Wednesday, February 15, 2012

like an expert

I was thinking recently about how much more "comfortable" (if that word can be used with Lyme Disease) I am with things I was SO not comfortable with in the beginning of my illness.  Now that I'm nearly on the other side (praise God!), it brought me a chuckle the things I just matter-of-factly roll with now.  I have become:

-an "expert" at swallowing 4 pills at a time (instead of just one and gagging)

-an "expert" at dolling out 160 pills per week into a weekly pill case

-friends with my pharmacists (they've chased me down in the middle of the store to tell me I forgot to pick up a prescription and they recognize my voice on the phone now.)

-friends with my phlebotomist 

-an "expert" at knowing which vein will be the best on blood draw days

-a "poop" expert (take that however you'd like but Lymies will probably understand)

-a pain "expert" 

-a "Lyme-explainer-in-one-minute" expert

-a "symptom antenna"

- a more patient person

-a more grateful person

-a better pray-er

What things have you all become "experts" at during your illness?

1 comment:

  1. So true!! The one about swallowing pills made me laugh out loud!