Saturday, February 4, 2012


....if that is a word (which it isn't) :)

We got back from D.C last night and brought with us the news that yes, our daughter has Lyme disease.  But instead of being disheartened and discouraged, we have been choosing to look at all the great ways we feel cared for by God in the process of getting her diagnosed.

I cannot say enough how much we love and respect Dr. J and his staff.  I really was fighting a losing battle when I went to his clinic the first time  and now, a year and a half later, I am nearly ready for "maintenance" meds (where basically I'll feel normal and healthy and just do meds once a month to keep reminding my immune system to do its job); I feel like I'm on the winning side of the long battle with Lyme! We are do indebted to them and have always felt so comfortable with their treatment plan.  It's tried and true and we love how on top of research Dr. J is and how willing they are to work with little concerns we have about certain drugs or certain treatment ideas.

And now that they have started to accept young pediatric patients, my apprehension about them being able to treat little ones has been assuaged completely as we have learned that their pediatric P.A (who works directly with Dr. J) was sent to train with Dr. Charles Ray Jones.  Oh my!  He is THE best pediatric Lyme specialist in the world.  So now we basically have input from two of the best Lyme doctors in the care of our daughter.

Their treatment plan and evaluation of Georgie put us so at ease and I don't feel like I'll be overloading my daughter with drugs.  They explained EVERYTHING so it all made sense and they made her feel comfortable as well.

I am confident that our daughter will be getting the highest care and will be healed just as I have been and continue to be.

Thank you, Lord!  And thank you all for praying for us!  If you have any questions, please email me!  I'll update more about my appointment later.


  1. I am sorry your daughter has Lyme! But I am very happy that she will be receiving such good treatment!! Praying for yal =)

  2. Glad you're getting some answers and getting the treatment you deserve. You'll beat this. You all will. Cheering you on. XOXOX