Saturday, October 17, 2009

moderately healthy

Yes. I do. I wonder if the yeast is just hiding or if pregnancy has helped any. But so far my nausea has subsided quite a bit and my energy has returned. I still can't do as much as other people can, but I can do daily outings without feeling like I have to rest for a few days afterward.

Since most of my pre-pregnancy regimen of herbs and vitamins are no-no's right now, I'm sticking with things that are okay--coconut oil daily, loads of probiotics, and a regular prenatal with some extra boosts of those fat soluble vitamins that my body seems not to absorb very well. The last few months I've barely gotten anything down so it'll be nice to get started on these things and feel like I might be at least keeping the yeast at bay until I can have this baby and then try to finish it (the candida) off (if there's any left because I made great headway before I got pregnant).

My body is definitely showing signs of being malnourished but the baby is healthy, so for now we'll just continue to push the particular vitamins that will be useful and continue to eat a healthy diet. I'm thinking about adding a digestive enzyme (as long as it's safe for baby) to see if that may help.

But thankfully lately I FEEL pretty good!

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