Tuesday, February 9, 2010

worn out

That is the story of my life lately. Wake up, feel like I could doze for another 3 hours (and sometimes doing just that with "one eye open" to keep an eye on the Goose), get some work done because I'm on a deadline, then rest, rest, rest for the rest of the day. Very unproductive and I feel guilty about it!

I did gain some weight and have been but still not the amount I need to. The doctor isn't concerned yet. I'm just going to keep plugging away trying to gain.

I just remembered a supplement that mimics coconut oil that I can take which is easier for me than trying to remember or stomach coconut oil straight or in things so I've begun taking that. I remember that giving me a big boost before I was pregnant so maybe I'll start feeling a bit better soon but even if I don't it's a good thing to have in my system and will help prepare my body better to deal with whatever yeast is leftover when baby is born. Hopefully it will kill some of what is in there now (if there is any).

My biggest dread is that I'll slip back into the horrible fatigue and yuckiness as soon as baby arrives. OH I hope not!

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  1. I am not pregnant but because of candida and food allergies because of it, I too am under weight.

    I see you mentioned coconut oil. My sister and I have been making what we call fudge out of coconut oil. OMGosh is it good.... I thought you might want to check it out and see if that is not something that might help you out. Here is my blog