Monday, December 12, 2011


I am on my second "off week", but I have been feeling fantastic!  Energy levels through the roof and a very joyful heart.  I've been enjoying it so much as we near my next two treatment weeks (which just so happen to be the week of Christmas and New Year's) and I hope I can be just as grateful if I feel terrible during the holidays.

We are so encouraged as I have been dealing with my "bad" days a lot better than I had been.  I generally have about one or two days on a "bad week" where at some point in the day I feel like I need help.  But I haven't had any and I've made it through at no more harm to my body than if I had had help!  We are so thankful that this treatment plan is working to clear my body of Lyme&Friends.

It makes us feel more like we can start thinking about future plans.  We have some travel time in the beginning of the year and while they are on "off" weeks, we do feel like it most likely won't stress my body out as it has in the past.

In a word, we are HOPEFUL.  We know the disease can be so up and down so we haven't really let out a sigh of relief yet, but we are so encouraged at what we're seeing.

I'm taking advantage of all this feeling good to love on my husband more and love on my children more. And seeing as we're nearing the holidays where things tend to stress us Lymies out, I'm just hoping I can take it easy and make sure to listen to my body so I don't overdo it.  Seeing family always tempts me to do more than I should.

Praying for all you other Lymies as we get closer to the holidays!!


  1. I am so , so happy for you!!! God is so great!!! It must feel amazing to be able to play with your kiddos and actually feel good doing it...will keep praying for your continued improving health!! xoxo

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling so well, happy and hopeful. Enjoy the season!

  3. Wonderful news for you. Having a taste of freedom from Lyme is such a precious gift. God bless.