Thursday, December 29, 2011


This holiday season has gone a lot better than last year's (seizures and basically incapacitated the whole holiday vacation).  I've been on treatment these two holiday weeks, but we've been visiting family so it sort of sticks it to me even more the stuff I'm not ABLE to do while fighting this disease.  We are so thankful for the improvements we've seen over the years but I've found myself getting discouraged only to remind myself "Someday, you'll be able to......"

So here are my "somedays":

Someday, I will be able to,

-sit IN the room where the whole extended family is as they laugh and cajole instead of sit in the room nearby because all the "noise" is making me feel yucky.

-sit at the dinner table with the whole extended family instead of in my room as we all eat dinner because the noise of all the kids is making me feel overwhelmed.

-get through the fun that is Christmas morning without getting overwhelmed by the sound, movement, and squeals of delight.

-go to the museum with nieces and my own children instead of canceling because that outing would take away too many "spoons".

-not take time out of precious extended family time to go get a lymphatic massage to help my body be able to withstand and detoxify from little Lyme "bugs".

-eat all the holiday sugary treats without feeling awful (lethargic and joint pain) the next day.

-do my routine for the annual "Talent Show" without having to spend the entire next day locked away in a quiet bedroom unable to move much.

-not be phased by clutter (this seemed to only come on since I've been diagnosed with Lyme; heavens knows I didn't care about clutter before!).

-not limit my time with my visit to my hometown to JUST family because I can anticipate how my body will react if I start doing a bunch of outings with friends.

-sleep in a guest bed without all the pillows and padding around my body.

There are more....

oh-so-close to the Pacific ocean!
But like I said, I've seen so much improvement since last year.  And we do truly feel that traveling has sort of taxed my body more than just doing these types of things at home would have.  We still have real "plans" for next year and THAT is something we have not been able to really say we have since my sickness began.

So conversely, here were the things I was able to do:

-go get a gluten free cupcake at Sprinkles Beverly Hills :)

-go to Malibu and sit with my husband across from the ocean while he ate a special seafood lunch.

-go out on a few much needed dates with my husband while grandparents watched the littles.

-ENJOY time with extended family

-enjoy watching my girls enjoy their relatives.

-spend relaxing nights watching movies with the family.

And more :)

I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season so far!  Happy New Year!!!


  1. So happy you are making progress, Heather. A cupcake sounds amazing! So does the beach. Can't wait til all your Somedays come true. XOXO

  2. I'll pray that you feel well for your birthday party :).