Tuesday, June 24, 2014

done in

It has been so tough.  But my prayers have been that these tough days and yucky feelings will be accomplishing much to rid my body of Lyme and let me get back to a place where I can be a mommy again.  We've got the first 4 weeks under our belt.  Boy, what a learning curve that was!  Thankfully we had my sister-in-law and brother-in-law to help us along when we had no clue what to do in certain situations.  I'm sure they thought we were nuts sometimes but we are so grateful for their help and knowledge since they've walked this path before us and now are currently walking it again!

This is what my line and dressing looks like:
The dressing can't get wet because if it gets wet, the skin under the dressing (which is sterile), becomes compromised and is no longer sterile.  Therefore, showering becomes a problem.  At our first appointment they told us to use Glad Press N Seal.  I said, "You mean you just stick it on and you can hop in the shower?"  Yes, they said.  "And the water can just run right on you?" Yes, they said.  "And it's fine?" Yes, they said.  So that very first night my hair needed to be washed.  I put Glad Press N Seal on and it looked as though it would hold, hopped in the shower, and washed my hair.  Got out and inspected the dressing.  It held up well EXCEPT for the side.  OH MY...I panicked.  It was wet.  The Press N Seal had failed me.  It was time to put Matt to the test in his dressing change skills (after the dressing is compromised it must be changed immediately to keep the site from infection).  Matt did very well, by the way.

Anyhow, after that experience Matt emphatically told me I was no longer allowed to shower.  Telling that to a girl is like telling a pig they can't wallow in mud.   Spencer and Melody (bro and sis-in-law) told us about this handy device:

and let us borrow it - it attaches to your bathroom sink (or any sink) and works really well while sitting in a wheelchair, but any chair will do.  Matt washed my hair for me.  When it worked, he wrapped the towel around my head and said, "Go buy it on Amazon now."  So it's bird baths and Matt washing my hair for me until my PowerLine is out.  I've gotten used to it.  Some days my hair is funkier than I'd like because Matt doesn't have time to wash it so I go an extra day or two between washings but I've gotten used to large head-wrap headbands and just not caring because, really, all I can care about these days is surviving.

We have begun the next 4 week segment of my treatment and boy is it already rougher than the last.  I'm only a day and a half in and I can barely move.  Thankfully I have help at the house because I couldn't get out bed this morning without assistance, so getting the kids up and getting them breakfast wouldn't have worked if I was alone.  

Please continue to pray that God would use these IV meds to rid my body of Lyme and get me back to stellar health.  My family needs me back into normal health and I am just so ready to be well again!

I've had the sidebar updated with ways to help for those interested.  Most of all we covet your prayers.  We know those go a long way!


  1. Dear Heather,

    I've followed your blog for a number of months. As a fellow sufferer of Lyme disease, and sister in Christ, I understand much of what you are experiencing. That being said, please believe me when I say that I GET how frustrating it can be when people make alternative suggestions when you are so invested in a line of treatment. So, feel free to ignore this and not respond--I will continue to pray!

    I did high dose antibiotics to treat Lyme for over 2 years. It nearly killed me. After two years, and seeing little to no improvement, I decided there had to be another way. God led me to some doctors who practice Biological Medicine, and I've made greater strides in 6 months than in the 2+ years I was doing antibiotics.

    Obviously, everyone's journey to healing is different. I just read your posts and hear your pain and agony and thought I'd share a bit of my journey and how I started to find relief. If you have questions or want to know more, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at: suzannetiger@hotmail.com

    I'll keep praying,

    1. Thank you for your suggestion, Suzanne! I'll keep that in mind if what we're doing doesn't produce results! You're right, each person's journey is different. It's so hard to know what is THE right way because everyone's body respond's differently. Thank you!