Monday, January 4, 2016


I'm here guys.  I know it's been 8 months.  I did get my line out. I did take a shower (only to find out our hot water heater was really old and only held hot water for 5 minutes -- so my husband gifted me a new one and I took a very long HOT shower).  I did take a jacuzzi.  I did swim in a pool.

It's been 8 months.  The line came out.  It's been hard...still.  Maybe I expected it to be easier like *poof* - your line is out - you are a jump higher on the mountain climb of Lyme&Co? But it is still a bumpy mountain bike trail that hits rocks and divets and goes deeply down and up up up and then down again.

It's been hard. It's not just Lyme I have to contend with so that makes it all the more hard. Life and Lyme - how do people get better I wonder sometimes? But my doctor is committed. Won't give up. In it for the long haul.  Despite being beaten up by the IDSA - they trudge on because of patients like me and you because they see us getting better even if it is little by little.  They are trained to see the sunshine as the coal dust settles and they see it and it's what keeps my doctor and staff going and for that I can be grateful!

Anyway. I haven't been up much for writing.  But I'm here and much has been going on in my Lyme world. And maybe someday I will write about it. And maybe today writing something means I'm a little more open to sharing more and more. Hope you all are soldiering on no matter what ails you! ((hugs))

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