Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, defeated when it came to that migraine yesterday. All day I felt it coming and tried to keep it away. It was the FIRST migraine since 30 days of taking the keep-the-migraines-away meds. I'm supposed to be on it for a year now instead of a month. It's supposed to cut down on your migraines so much. I'd say it has! I used to get them 3 times a week. So once in 30 days is great. But it was a bad one!

Now today I have to fly. Thankfully I had packed everything over the weekend so yesterday I mostly just had to work and I tried to relax. Didn't help that migraine not turn into a full fledged pounding head, though. And today I have the "after" migraine where it feels like you're getting another but actually it's just the migraine going away. Ugh.

My liver blood work came back normal. That's a blessing! I'm glad I don't have another thing to worry about. My liver still hurts so it's probably just overloaded with toxins to deal with as I kill off the not-so-great stuff in my gut.

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