Saturday, May 23, 2009

old fashion

....because I'm culturing my own yogurt. AND making my own coconut water kefir. Coconut Kefir is supposed to be a double whammy against systemic yeast. Okay, so the yogurt is for my daughter. But I promise I'll try it.

Lately I've felt a resurgence of achy achy joints and muscles and some other symptoms that tell me the yeast is definitely rearing it's ugly head and not wanting to admit defeat.

I have another appointment with my doctor on Tuesday so I'm eager to give him my symptoms and hear what he thinks we should do next. I'm just hoping it doesn't involve a super diet. I just don't know I could do without dairy. I can give up sugar, fruit, carbs, but don't take away my cheese. PLEASE!

My energy reserves have been fairly good. I've needed a nap each day and have tried to stay off of my feet for at least part of the day but with a house to be packing up in anticipation for our move this summer, I just can't stay off of my feet long.

Haven't checked my weight lately but last I did check I was staying steady at just about 5 lbs under what I'd like to be at the most minimum. Ideally I'd love to gain 10 lbs more.

Time to go check on my kefir grains!

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