Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The plane flight home (a 12+ hour airport/plane experience) could have gone a lot worse with a one-month-shy-of-2 year old. I am counting my blessings and thankful for all the prayers I had.

She was an angel! It didn't make the experience peachy, though. I'm really sore and really exhausted now. And the little Goosey, while fairly still and behaved, was still 25 lbs. on my lap for 8 hours. yikes!

Now I'm praying that this latest traveling adventure won't push me over the edge into weeks upon weeks of feeling miserable as have the last few trips. I do feel stronger this time so I hope that makes a difference. But just to be on the safe side I'm going to relax the rest of the week (as much as a full time mom/part-time work from home mom can).

But really, I'm amazed at how smoothly the travels went and I am much less cynical about flying with a toddler now :) But I won't lie, I don't think I'll do it alone again. I'm happy the next time we fly this summer my husband will be home to help and the Goose will be 2 years old so she'll get her own seat!!


  1. Heather, I kept up with your trip to Canada through your family blog as well as Missy's. It looks like you had fun; and George with her cousins. I remember flying when Todd was 4 and Steve still a baby who needed to be carried. Rick was not with me, so it was a major job even though I was healthy. I know this was a big challenge for you.

    I hope you're still gaining a little weight.

    Praying for you,

  2. Hey Heather! Just scanning your posts after not doing much on blogs at all! I had to laugh when you said that Georgie is 25 pounds. My Trevor weighs 28 now! My big hunk of kiddo! Hope you are feeling good as you read this!