Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's not fair.  No matter how much I think my body is NOT anxious, and no matter how much I pray to calm my worried heart and mind - after my phone appointments with my doctor or his P.A, I end up having to physically recover from the anxiety I inflict upon myself getting READY for that appt.  This time it took like a week and a half?  Anyway -- the appointment went well!

I got the encouraging news that it looks like I am making some clear progress in battling Lyme.  This was so good to hear.  I mean, we've been noticing little things -- things that obviously don't mean I'm all better but things that are better than where I was 6-7 months ago.  It's just enough "better" that I don't lie in misery each day but not enough better that I still don't need some help sometimes.  I will take improvement no matter how much it is.

The doctor was so pleased with the progress that he said we can turn our attention to one of Lyme's co-infections called Babesia.  This means a whole new set of antibiotics with the exception of two of the old ones that are still meant to keep Lyme where we have it now.  I start them next week.  I'm a little trepidatious about this.  When I started targeting Lyme I was a mess and putting the drugs in my body and feeling the bacteria die-off was really pure misery.  I'm hoping it won't be as awful as it was when beginning treatment for Lyme/Bartonella.  And I'm praying it won't knock me completely on my feet.

There were lots of times where we lived before that a friend or family member would be helping me and I would just lay there on the couch with my face buried, only being out in the open living room in case someone needed me to answer a question about the care of the girls.  Each time I'd get up to go to the bathroom someone would ask, 'Do you need help?' a they watched me swagger back and forth with jello legs.  A bathroom trip meant getting to the bathroom and then waiting there when I was done until I felt enough energy to push my self up and start walking again.

O, Lord, please let this round of antibiotics do their work without hindering me much!  I really have been enjoying my girls lately and I don't want to be thrown on my back again.  But that is the sad thing about Lyme and all it's co-infections -- it's very up and down, sometimes unpredictable.  So we keep praying and hoping that God's will is for me to continue to go on an upward path and be rid of this disease as much as it can be rid of.

Thanks for praying for me.  I'll hopefully give a little update once I've started the new meds!

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