Monday, February 28, 2011


My daughter saw me take the first dose of this particular Babesia med this morning and said, "It's paint medicine, Mom."  Oh, dear -- you don't even know.  It's the thickness of paint too.  Thankfully it doesn't taste like paint.  That doesn't mean it tastes good, though.

I don't know if the meds can work this quick, but I'm assuming what I'm feeling this evening is to do with the meds.  And the "paint" medicine isn't the only things I'm on.  I'm on two other "new-to-me" antibiotics and two existing antibiotics.

It hit about 5pm and I was just knocked off my feet and in some new pain that I haven't been in in a while.

I'm just praying it doesn't keep getting worse and worse as the week goes on.

God blessed us with a very sweet family making us a meal tonight!  It was so nice to have it ready to heat and eat as our whole family is a bit stressed and stretched to its limits physically/emotionally these days.

Thanks for the continued prayers.


  1. Yup it can work that fast. Does for me at least. What are you taking?

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  3. This is for you! :)