Thursday, January 19, 2012


...considering for the last month I've been traveling. I flew to my hometown to spend 3 weeks there with my girls and husband, and then boarded another plane to go all the way across the country to visit my grandparents.  Then finally flew home.  Home-Sweet-Home!

Now, I had 2 weeks of treatment - smack dab on Christmas week and New Year's week.  With traveling and all we were sort of holding our breaths waiting to see how my body would handle it this year as opposed to the bad last year.

I did so much better!  I definitely had some down days but they were few.  The thing that excited us the most was how my body reacted to travelling.  I didn't need any recovery time!  The next days following being on a plane were normal and I didn't suffer from lagged energy.  We are so thankful to see this progress!

I even got to have pictures taken of me by my brother-in-law (and sister with a second camera) who is an awesome photographer.  And as I look at them, I see that my body is looking healthier.  We are thankful and continuing to pray for complete healing.

My brother-in-law is talented:

Now I am trying to focus a lot on detoxing.  I think that's where most of my problem lies lately.  I feel like the stuff I do isn't enough.  Based on some other Lymies reviews, I am going to try mud baths.  And then of course discuss things with my doctor in a few weeks.

Praying for my fellow Lymies!


  1. LOVE this photo of beautiful. Also thrilled to hear you are seeing some progress. It's the little things, right?

    Let us know how the mud bath goes. XOXO

  2. So happy you are seeing progress!! I know that really helps boost a person's hope =) The pic really did turn out great!!

  3. I read your previous post about the hospital visit first, so I'm glad to see you are doing much better! :)

  4. Another great photo of you, Heather! Definitely more than just a great photographer, although I'm sure he is. So happy you are doing so well.