Tuesday, January 31, 2012

resting on the Rock

I guess just about every Lyme mom or dad has to come to this part of their life at some point or another.  Ours is rearing it's head now.  We've put it off for a year just watching and waiting and taking copious notes and getting no answers from our regular doctors (at no surprise to me).

The more I've learned about Lyme, the more my husband and I have been convinced that both our children probably have the bacteria in their body.  But the wisdom of my Lyme doctor told us to wait....watch...."you'll know".  So that's what we've been doing.  I'm not one to jump up and take my kids in to the pediatrician or ER for every little thing, so maybe this has been a bit TOO long in waiting.

Our oldest has definitely shown signs and symptoms for the last year or so and we did get her tested.  Tomorrow we fly to D.C to have our appointments.  Mine, a regular check up (if anything is "regular" about Lyme), and my little darling, to be diagnosed (or maybe get a clean bill of health....I hope!!!).

So please pray for our appointments and pray for Matt and me as we are resting on the Rock (our God) and just hoping against all hopes that our little girl somehow did not get Lyme disease in utero.

Thanks!  I'll give an update when we get back, but I will say that this blog will not be about my daughter.  It shall remain almost solely about my joys and struggles with Lyme.  Your faithful prayers deserve an answer about my little girl, though, so you will get that!


  1. Praying for yal protection, peace and healing!! I am so sorry that yal have to deal with this possibility =( I for one, wouldn't mind hearing about your daughter in this blog.

  2. Praying fervently for your sweet girl. We love her so. Praying also for you, dear sister!

  3. Ohhh friend, I'm so sorry to hear you have one more thing to worry about. Pray the trip brings answers and peace. Thinking of you.