Monday, July 9, 2012

on my feet

Well, after the hub-bub of last week and the week before, I'm finally starting to feel a bit more back to normal.  I've been able to do housework and run errands without much fallout from my physical stamina.

But just as I'm regaining my feet, I'm treading on shaky ground because for the first time in a long time (since getting ill), we are taking a family vacation -- road trip to be exact.  I am VERY excited, but at the same time just wondering what my body will do.  When we travel to different states as a family, I usually opt for flying while my husband and kids drive.  My last road trip was super scary because I had recently been diagnosed with Lyme and I started having seizures...while we were driving across 3 states.  It was scary.

I'm certain this trip will be nothing like that, but still, we are being cautious.  The next few days will be filled with packing and planning for a trip with 3 kiddos under age 5.  Fun times :)  I started making a packing list a few weeks ago and I think it's complete.  Now to execute it!

Let's pray my body can handle the driving!!

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  1. I'll pray that you'll be glad that you decided to drive with your family, and that God will take care of, and comfort you, for the duration of the trip. Have fun!