Monday, July 23, 2012


-So I made it through....2 1/2 days of driving each way.

-I hiked through tick-infested brush without incident.

-I hiked...2-4 miles at a time!

-I had tons of fun with extended family and watching my girls interact with them.

So - how did my body fare?

-The drive surprised us (my husband and me) - in one way - I survived and didn't have any episodes like the last time I went on a long road-trip (2 1/2 years ago).  In another way, though, my body ached and ached from sitting for that long.  More than a normal, healthy person's body would.  And by the time I hit the bed, my joint pain had returned.  It's been a while since I've had joint pain like that.  Ugh.

-Each night, our ruckus clan of about 32 of us got together in a small little timeshare for dinners.  Normally group settings like that would have sent me reeling with light-headedness and fatigue.    This time?  I felt great.  I was tired in a normal mommy-of-three way, but after a night's rest, I was up ready to go on that day's adventure.

Overall, I'd say we had some setbacks, but we were pleased with how I did with the big road-trip. :)

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