Wednesday, January 7, 2009


At my wit's end I googled "natural antibiotic" on Saturday after hearing some discouraging news about my health (at my sister's wedding no less!) from my doctor. I figured after so many years of no improvement with my health, I might as well turn to nature to see what it could provide. I researched some and felt I was on to something that promised a lot but wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to try and that wouldn't harm my body to try. I started immediately on OLE and colloidal silver (AND probiotics!) along with my normal regimen of vitamin C. Apparently with OLE you can have a 'die-off' effect where your body takes all of the bacteria that is being killed off and needs to get rid of it so you feel worse for a while before feeling better. It is a GOOD thing but makes you feel REALLY yucky.

On Sunday I felt a bit worse than I usually do and half-way through the day felt the onset of the pain and WORSE fatigue that I can slip into for weeks at a time. I attributed it to the wedding I had been in on Saturday and my 'over-doing' it.

Monday was different because instead of waking up at 5am like a lightbulb, I felt REALLY sleepy. This hasn't happened in 6 months. I am usually fatigued but not sleepy. I have sleep ISSUES! I napped ALL day between caring for Little One and felt VERY malaised and awful. Tuesday I slept in til 6:30am! But still felt horribly malaised and tired....until noon.

Then *snap*, all of the sudden I felt a huge burst of energy and no more malaise. I thought maybe someone was praying for me to feel great on my birthday. I went to 2 stores, vacuumed my house (that hasn't been vacuumed in a month because I've been so ill), organized Little One's closet and room (took 2 hours), baked my GF birthday cake, and cleaned my messy house in anticipation for my family to come over to celebrate my bd. I decided to not push my luck and rest the rest of the evening. I felt sleepy around 9:30pm, but for me that's a good thing! I usually have TROUBLE falling asleep.

Today I slept until 7am! Now we'll see how the rest of the day goes. I'm hopeful I'm on to something with this OLE. I wonder how my doctor will react on Thursday when I tell him I'm taking a natural supplement!

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