Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Still waiting on the results from the CORRECT Lyme test. In the meantime, I'm fighting off candida which is a LONG, hard battle. This week my body has felt completely broken and failing.

But at this very moment I have a respite. I wish I could know it would last all day or even the rest of the week, but unfortunately it can turn within a matter of minutes. Often I'll be up making dinner and then 2 minutes later feel as though I will fall down if I don't go sit down. More than once I have left steamed vegetables hot and ready only to cool down, get soggy and begin to spoil over a few days JUST because of lack of energy!

Anyways -- I'm walking on eggshells, only getting up and doing things in 5 minute bursts just in case the exertion will cause me to spiral down again. Little Munchkin is being very agreeable today which also helps! I'm hoping and praying my little respite of "not feeling like I'm dying" will last so that my husband can have a well wife when he comes home for "rest and relaxation". He insists all he'll care about is BEING with me and the Monkey and that he would LOVE to take care of me. But after 9 months apart, that is NOT how a wife wants to see her husband. I wish I could take care of HIM and give HIM all the rest he deserves.

The little Goose is asking for a movie....


  1. Heather, I am praying that you will be in tip-top shape when hubby comes home. How long will his visit last?

  2. Goodness me! So many health issues :( Prayers for you, and hopefully whatever it is can be treated and taken care of...sooner rather than later!