Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Whew.  One week down of Cycle #2.  Another week started yesterday and I also got my blood count tested again.  A lot has happened since my last post......to my body, that is.  I've been so ill I haven't been up for writing but I felt bad not updating so here I am.

My white blood count THIS time is low.  But not as low as last time so we are thankful we can continue the antibiotics this week.  However, some other stuff on my blood work came back elevated.  This particular measurement indicated that I am not processing the toxins or inflammation in my body very well.  So now I am put on yet ANOTHER med.  And it so happens to be an expensive one that my insurance company may or may not pay for.  So please pray it will be covered! I will find out this afternoon. I THINK our insurance is pretty good.  And at least for my littlest one, when an expensive drug came up, we did have to pay a bit more than the usual $3 or $9 for the drug but it was about 75% less than the original cost so that's what I'm hoping with this new drug.

My husband is home from his 3 week work assignment and my Mom is still in town to help during the day!  What a blessing.  I am getting to the point where noise is quite bothersome.  I don't know how to quite describe it.  My whole body hurts and my general feeling of yucky-ness skyrockets when there are noises around.  I can watch tv which distracts me, but enter my 3-year-old and her new found love of chatting and I almost go insane. I love to hear her thoughts but it's just non-stop.  Thankfully Grandma runs interference.  But when she leaves in a few days I'll need to come up with some creative ideas.....like "quiet book time" on the bed in the other room....or "play time" in the other room.

Church is like a huge sensory overload. It hasn't ceased to be the most intense problem for my body.  My husband took me out and wheeled me around in my wheelchair on Saturday to get some errands done.  I WAS wiped out afterwards but I easily recovered with some rest at home.  And it was nice to get out.  Then Sunday came and it must be the combination of getting ready quickly in the morning, then walking into a sanctuary full of singing people with a loud orchestra, and just having to "socialize".  I tremble the WHOLE time.  And this last Sunday I nearly fainted a few times and I was only sitting!!! Who faints when they are sitting?

We want to continue to go to church but we're trying to figure out a different game plan to make it easier on me.  We've got a few ideas and I suppose we'll figure them out.

Anyone else out there who is chronically ill -- what "sets you off" the most?

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