Saturday, October 9, 2010


I've had 24 hr help for one week. I haven't really had to do anything except rest, occasionally take a shower, and occasionally put my girls to bed (they need a momma's love for that).  You'd think it would help get me to feeling a lot better.  But actually it makes me realize how much WORSE I'd feel if I didn't have this help!  I am so thankful for willing family members who flew out of state to come help me.

And today was the first day my only real complaint was JUST fatigue.  And it wasn't crushing.  So I ran a quick errand by myself.  This is actually a relaxing thing for me to do.  Especially if the store is very small, I only need to buy a few things, and I know the store owner.  Got home and felt a little more fatigued but nothing major.  I rested off my feet as I have been doing all week.  And then...

Then, my brother suggested we play Mario Brothers.  And then after that a friendly competition of Family Feud.

Who knew that playing video games could cause a near-meltdown?  I was shaking like crazy.  It's so funny to me the things that seem to really drain me - watching a tense movie, playing video games, sitting in church, laughing.....

I'm learning new stuff every day.


  1. I find games to be very stressful--all the anxiety that they produce. Definitely not a relaxing activity ;).

  2. YES! You are using nerves for good things too, and those nerves are reBELLING. Poorest.