Friday, October 8, 2010


 1 1/2 weeks into treatment and it's come to a screeching halt.  I was feeling terrible which probably meant the antibiotics were doing their job, but some "safety" blood work came back abnormal.  Apparently my white blood cells have decided that the antibiotics can take over their job which is NOT good.  A low white blood count really isn't ever good I suppose.  So I'm taking a break and will get re-tested next week and possibly again if it is still looking low.  We'll wait til my white blood cell count goes back up to resume treatment.

A setback, but I'm glad the doctors take this stuff seriously and look out for the health and safety of their patients.

I've been off of antibiotics for 2 days now and I can't say I feel any different.  Maybe less nauseous because the meds make me really nauseous, but I still have that overwhelming fatigue where even talking is just too hard sometimes.  And LOTS of joint pain.

I really just can't wait to be rid of Lyme from my life.

So now the prayer request is to get my white blood count up very soon!

P.S - having 24 hr help is awesome!

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