Tuesday, March 15, 2011

like I'm getting sick?

The hard thing about having Lyme is that if/when you get a regular old virus, it's hard to tell whether you actually have a virus or if you just are experiencing Lyme symptoms.

I really can't tell. My oldest has a virus and my youngest is getting it as we speak.  For two days now I've thought I was coming down with something but then realized it's the same feeling I have on various days of Lyme disease!  Aches, tiredness, etc.

So strange.

And yet again I will mention that having kids and being chronically ill is a very hard task.  Especially when THEY get sick.  That's the time they need a mother's love most and you just don't have enough energy to give them all you should.  That's why it's great to have a support system.  Right now it's my husband who stayed up most the night with my oldest because my night-time meds don't allow me to sit up without falling over.

I don't know which is harder, the day shift for a chronically ill Momma, or the night shift for a hardworking Daddy.

Anyways -- we all would appreciate your prayers this week.

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