Friday, March 11, 2011

SO so ill

Week two of Babesia treatment really knocked me flat on my face (literally -- my husband arrives home to see me face down on the couch and the girls playing next to me or my littlest one slapping her pudgy hands on my face and back in delight as I lay there in misery).

I feel awful right now even.  My meds are M-W-Th-F.  Each day of meds starts out fairly ok.  I can get breakfast for the girls.  Then breakfast for myself.  Then I take the dreaded meds and the "paint medicine". Then I wait.  Baby girl takes a nap, I take a shower if I have the energy, Big girl watches a short show.  By the time my shower is over I am drained.  A migraine creeps in as well, and I try to stave it off with the only thing that helps (sometimes) -- Aleve.  Thankfully I've already taken Zofran (for nausea) because the nausea would be much much worse were it not for the Zof.

When Baby wakes up it's lunchtime.  Usually my husband has made Georgie's sandwich.  I have to prepare a bottle and some solid food for Liv.  At this point all I want to do is collapse and lay in a heap until Matt gets home.  But it's not a possibility.

So I endure.  After playtime, it's nap time for both girls.  Thank goodness because then I CAN collapse for a bit.  And I do.

As the week goes on, progressively I get worse and worse and feel awful earlier and earlier so it's a longer period of time during the day that I hurt.  It's pain - all over.  Everywhere.  Moving my body hurts.   Moving a toe hurts.  Lifting my head hurts.  And my energy is shot.

After naps it's time for a snack and then wait for Daddy.  About that time is the time I do lay flat on the couch waiting and waiting and making sure the kids are safe and not getting into trouble.  Thankfully we've baby-proofed out house and our oldest knows not to get into certain things in the house that are dangerous.

Daddy arrives home and usually says, "Go upstairs now and rest!"  So I don't argue and drag my body up to my bed and burrow in.  Sometimes it helps to be in a quiet room to rest.  Other times it's almost worse because you're just there with no distractions and you're alone with your PAIN.  But I will say, it is better than being near the little ones because a mother's heart hears all their pleas and wants to answer every one of them.  So just a break from that helps.

So anyway -- that is how my life has been these last two weeks.  Next week I get a break and then we start up again all over after that.

These guys are my favorites and make my life happy amidst this trial...even when part of the trial is taking care of them when I feel ill :)


  1. Tell Matt "thank you" from me. Thank him for being supportive during this time. Thank him for watching the kids when you need to rest. Thank him for not being judgmental and expecting too much out of you right now. Thank him for sticking to his marriage vows. I have a husband who is very supportive. You and I are one of the few. I know you are very grateful for him.

  2. Oh, poorest sweetie. This really tugs at my heart. We need to just move in next door. Tell your neighbors we will be needing them to move out.

  3. Glad you get a break next week - may the Lord give you renewed energy to enjoy some "better" days! praying!