Saturday, June 18, 2011

in awe

It's pretty ridiculous if you think about it -- that the CDC wouldn't believe in a chronic illness that so many have and that is incredibly easy to get because it isn't treated the right way.  I mean, so many people are exposed to it through hiking and even just living in proximity to ticks that carry these diseases.  If you don't believe me, take this story -- it'll blow your mind.

Melody was diagnosed with Lyme nearly 3 years ago and had been suffering from symptoms since she was 16!!  She contracted Lyme in 2001 after hiking in the same area that I contracted Lyme in.  Only I got it way back in 1989 or so!!!

And her husband - my husband's brother - found out he had Lyme disease 3 months after his wife, Melody was diagnosed with Lyme.  So you think, "Well, maybe he got it from her" (yes, it can be transmitted sexually).   But their doctors think (based on when his symptoms began) that he got it completely separate from her in 2005 (they weren't married until 2007)!

My dear, sweet brother-in-law and sister-in-law suffering from the same disease that I have.  They sort of paved the way for me, going ahead with tests, treatment, etc. before I did.  And they've been a huge encouragement and ear to bend when I need it.

But that's the thing that astonishes me the most.  That we, who are all related NOW (not by blood), but didn't know each other THEN, all have the same chronic illness that people deny exists AND that people say you CAN'T contract in California (where all of us grew up and where we all got it in varying years).  Sheesh!!!

I really blows my mind.  But in God's plan for us all to have Lyme I've seen the good that has come from it.  Like having close family who really truly understands what you mean when you say you feel terrible today because they've felt the exact terribleness you're talking about.  And having them to pray for you who can pray a little better because they understand how and what to pray for without even asking you.  So while it blows my mind, in God's mind there are details worked out that we don't even know yet and I can trust and appreciate the good things that have come from this so far.

Melody with my oldest daughter when we visited
at Christmas last year.


  1. That's so weird. We were aware of Lyme Disease when I grew up in Mendocino County. We were always told when we were out in the Redwoods to watch out for ticks. I wonder why there is such a stigma about it in the medical community.

  2. Yeah, there is a reason there's a stigma about it in the medical community. If you watch "Under Our Skin" (documentary which is available on Netflix right now) you can get a better understanding. Or just check out some of my links under the "About Lyme Disease" section on this blog.

  3. Such good points, Heather - it does mean so much when someone experiences something we are struggling with.
    May the Lord's healing power give you progress in this battle and may His Spirit give you endurance, trust and joy in the midst of it!!

    Your kids are so darling - they are such a blessing! And Matt is God's gift - so glad he is at your side through all of this!