Monday, June 13, 2011


Second week in a row of "paint medicine" (Mepron).  This is the LAST week hopefully.  At least for a while.  And after this week I get a 2 week break. *sigh*  Then after that I start my new antibiotic protocol.

I currently feel so yucky and nauseous and generally do while I'm on Mepron and Doxy.  Yuck yuck yuck.

But today was my oldest's 4th birthday.  And I decided this morning I would try to just push through the fatigue and "play" with her.  Which for me consists of her bringing me toys and we play as I sit there.  First we played where you pick a rose and it's a "sleeping" rose that makes you fall asleep and the other person has to "save" you by playing a magic harp.  We played about 20 rounds of that.  Then we played with her stuffed kangaroos.  There's a mommy and a baby.  She wanted us to pretend they did "mommy and baby things" together.

Then she wanted me to read to her so I did...2 whole chapters out of a chapter book.  And then to finish it off, we watched Cinderella together.  All of those things are way out of the ordinary for me because I just don't feel well enough to most days.  I'm grateful that God gave me the bit of energy early in the day to do all that with my girl.  She was so happy and it was fun to please her on her special day.

But, by mid day I was crippled again like most days and thankfully my husband came home early to tend to the kids and tonight as we celebrated Georgie's birthday with food and cake and presents, I struggled through, but was just so happy to watch her delighted face that we were all sitting together at the table for dinner and to celebrate :)

Thankful for my little girl!

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  1. Aww, hugs! I know how hard it is to not be able to do things with the kids. That's so wonderful that you were able to play with her and read. Two chapters is equivalent to running a marathon when you have Lyme!!

    I think I have to go back on Mepron soon, too. Yuck! Hang in there, Heather!