Friday, March 2, 2012


My faith in non-Lyme-literate doctors has gone up!  Most stories we hear are about the ones that disregard you and the ones that tell you it's in your head or get vehement and make you leave.

Well, I've got one to encourage you that, even in a state like mine where nearly EVERY Lyme-treating physician has been run out by the state board of health, there are really great ones around.  Now granted, he isn't an infectious disease doc, but still, the level of genuine care and interest he took in me and in Lyme disease is one that should encourage us that we will be heard and soon we won't face the stigma that most of us do constantly.

I had my follow-up with the cardiologist.  All was normal as we thought, but after, the older doctor just sat with me for 20 minutes asking me about Lyme.  And not in a sneaky, condescending way, but in an earnest "I-want-to-know-more" way.  He often would preface a question by saying, "Now, I'm not trying to quiz you, but just because I want to learn....." and he took down notes and said he had looked up my doctor and stuff and was just fascinated and really wanted to know more.  He didn't cringe when I told him how many antibiotics I take at one time, and when I told him they were "pulsed" and explained that, he interrupted and said, "OH!  So the point is to get your immune system to take over and get it strong, right?"  Wow!  It was so nice to sit in a doctor's office and not feel worried that I might have to start defending myself or my LLMD.

Anyhow -- just wanted to share so that it might encourage some of you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Heather!!! It's so great to hear of a non-LLMD taking an interest and being encouraging. Hope the appointment went well and that they will continue to offer you the support and guidance you deserve. Thinking of you! XOXOXO