Tuesday, March 13, 2012

like taking a ride

So for my birthday, my husband bought me a bike. I had originally mentioned to him that I hoped he didn't buy me a bike because it would just remind me of what I "couldn't" do anymore.  I had sold my bike a few years back because it was taking up space and I was in no shape to ride.

But then my husband made a funny face -- apparently he was planning on buying me a bike and I had just ruined the surprise.

He then explained his reasoning - "You're feeling a lot better!"  He said even if it was just a ride around the block, that wouldn't I want to?  And that I was heading UP, not spiraling down anymore.  he changed my mind.  I let him get me a bike.

And I'm proud to say I finally got out and rode it.  Yes, I did only ride around the block, and yes, that was enough for me to know that as fun as it was, if I did more, I would probably regret it.  It's funny how I can run errands, clean the house, take care of my littles, but one little ride around the block can show me my limits.

But it wasn't discouraging!  I rode around the block!  It felt good!  I wasn't wearing proper attire or anything.  But it felt like a new step....I've been doing great and it shows I can start up with baby-steps on the things I used to love to do!  I'm so very thankful!