Monday, March 30, 2009

Not hungry

It's such an amazing difference from 2 weeks ago. I mean, I WAS pregnant, but honestly -- the last week I just have NOT been hungry at all. Two weeks ago I'd wake up and stuff food in my mouth to keep from getting too nauseated and then the "eat-fest" would begin. Every hour or so I'd need food.

Now, I can go til 2pm before realizing I haven't eaten anything. It's really frustrating because 1) Nothing sounds good to eat
2) If I don't eat I lose weight quick
3) Gaining weight is SO hard for me

I haven't stepped on the scale for 2 weeks. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday so I guess I'll see what this week of not eating has done. I know it will be discouraging. I work SO hard to MAINTAIN what little poundage I have because it's so hard to gain it if I lose even a pound or two. It takes so much work and effort. *sigh* I wish I at least had an appetite to help me out.

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