Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ready to be rid of my kidneys

...except they are so vital to well-being. I have the familiar twinge of kidney stone pain this evening. Oh how I'm hoping it will be gone by morning! I've lost count how many times I've had kidney stones. We never can catch the stones to test and see what type they are; that may help figure out what I'm doing to cause them! On the other hand, it could very well be that I'm just susceptible to them no matter what I do.

I will admit that the last two days I haven't been drinking much water. Instead, I opted for Hansen's Natural Root Beer. Going for cola over water is never a good thing for someone who gets kidney stones often.

*sigh* Please, Lord, let me not deal with this pain for a long time! I was in denial all evening until I realized I had doubled over a few times as I walked to get dinner ready. I always think, "What is this familiar can't be kidney stones again." And then I finally throw in the towel and resign to my fate.

Lots of water for the next few days!

I'm officially on all three antibiotics. But I'll have to give one up. I've been taking Oregano Oil but unfortunately it has cumin in it and I am allergic to it! I've been wondering why I have a fine layer of red hives all over my face and large itchy hives down my neck and back and arms. I thought it was because I introduced oats after not having them for 2 years. But then today I realized that after I took my dose of Oregano Oil, I found myself scratching at my neck and forehead and cheeks. I looked at the ingredients once again and then it clicked -- cumin! I've always suspected I'm allergic. For a few years when I eat something with cumin in it I'll get hivey patches on my arms. Then at Christmas I had some BBQ sauce and RIGHT afterwards broke out in incredible hives all over my face and arms and neck! The only suspect ingredient was cumin!

I guess now I'm convinced! So I'll need to choose another botanical antibiotic/antifungal to take oregano's place. There is a small list of things that kill off candida. I'm going to go with Goldenseal to take the oregano's spot. We'll see how it goes!

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  1. oh no! I'm so sorry you think you're getting another stone. I'll be praying for quick relief.

    also, I've been praying all week about your appetite. I hope it improves very soon.