Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Worn Out

Two doctors appointments in one day, each in the opposite direction, really takes it out of you when you're ill. I've now got a migraine that can only be treated with Extra Strength Tylenol. To me that's like taking a sugar pill. It doesn't do ANYTHING. But I always give it a try.

One of the doctors I had never seen before. My OB - it was the greatest doctor's office I have ever been to. He is a wonderful doctor and the only bad part about it is that there can be some long wait times. But it's worth it and I see why so many love him. I've never in all the many doctor's appointments I've had, experienced a doctor who was more sincere and didn't act hurried. He looked me in the eye and asked me about 5 times if I had any more questions (I had lots!). He was compassionate and wise and was SO thorough. I felt very cared for.

The nurses were also incredibly kind and thoughtful and treated me like an actual person! Instead of telling me where the lab was, they walked me to it -- out of their office even!! The nurse who took my blood in the lab said, "Is Dr. F going to be your doctor for this pregnancy?" I said yes and she said, "OH good. He is the best. He is so professional and so wonderful."

Even the nurse who took my blood was extra kind - she told me to keep my hand pressed on my little wound for a bit to keep it from bruising and told me as I left that if I needed anything I could come to her.

I've had blood drawn a million times it seems and I've seen so many doctors but this visit felt like a 5 star resort. Such a difference kindness and non-hurriedness makes.

My second appointment later in the day, however, was awful. I've been there before and haven't had problems but this time I arrived, after driving WAY out of my way, and they weren't quite sure why I had come so I had to tell them I came for some test results because the doctor wanted me to be there. Well, they didn't have the results back. And they had to ask me if they had given me results of other tests that they had indeed given me about twice before in the last month. They made me feel a bit guilty for being pregnant too which wasn't very nice. Almost like, "well, now we can't help you much....if you had stuck to our regimen you'd be healed within a year." It probably wasn't as bad as all that but I came away feeling that way. The doctor hasn't completely given up on me thankfully. He is thinking of alternative ways to treat the yeast while I'm pregnant and we're going to wait on the test results to go further.

I find myself comparing these doctor's appointments the way I rate restaurants. "The wait staff was friendly"; "the wait time was manageable"; "the service was great". Kind of sad if you visit the doctor THAT much that it becomes like that. I was just struck with the thought as I drove home from my first, wonderful doctor's appointment that I had the same "good" feeling I have when I visit a great restaurant. Sad!!!!

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