Tuesday, April 14, 2009


But not defeated; that's always a good sign. The botanical antibiotics are really taking a toll on my body. It means they are doing their job but it makes my physical state pretty weary-ing. I'm on Goldenseal now that the Oregano didn't work for me. So now I'm on the full dose of meds. I see my doctor in about 2 weeks and at that appointment he wants to see exactly what brands and such that I'm using for ALL of my vitamins and supplements.

My ankles have been especially hurting lately. Sometimes hard to walk on but most the time just a constant throb and ache. My wrists too and my back just generally aches all day long. It's like a flashback to a few months ago because I've actually experienced a bit of a relief from these symptoms since the last one course of anti-microbial botanicals. I REALLY hope this means things are dying off and that I will be rid of everything causing me problems! I so want to be well when my husband returns.

There have been some great improvements, though -- I feel like I have my "mind" back finally. I no longer live in a 'fog'. It's been so nice to have clarity and feel creativity come back. I think the increase in energy has helped this too. I've gotten out my sewing machine, craft items, etc. It feels a bit like my old, healthy self :)

A lot of people have been telling me that I "look" much better than I have in a year or so. This is encouraging although I haven't personally noticed it. But when more than 3 people say something and they aren't related, you know something must look better :)

This is quite rambly but I wasn't sure what else to write about. I feel in limbo -- feeling somewhat miserable but on the other hand, so much better in certain areas of my health. So now we press on and continue to wait...

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