Thursday, September 23, 2010


Life does NOT stop even though you're chronically ill.  In the last week I've taken my daughter to the doctor twice, taken her across town to get an x-ray, been to the pharmacy 3 times, and have comforted this said little one for OVER a week.  And that's NOT normal doctor's appointments.  Next week the other one has a regular check up. *Sigh*

After today's ordeal I had my daughter walk up the stairs to our front door, knock on it, and when my husband answered she said, "Mommy needs help!"  He helped me up the stairs.  Too much exertion and stimulation and I felt like my symptoms were all back.  Thankfully with some rest I feel a bit more back to normal.

But really, you wish life would stop until you could feel better.  But no.  It doesn't.  Especially with little ones.

P.S - My daughter is thankfully not in a bad way and shall soon be feeling better

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