Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well, no seizures for over a week now. But when I get particularly overwhelmed sensory wise I get a huge tremor in my right arm. So for instance, the whole getting up for church and getting ready (even though I have help from my husband) sort of takes its toll and by the time we drop the girls off at their Sunday school and nursery and sit down in the worship center, I'm trembling like crazy. Also when we were watching a particularly tense movie I got a big tremor. When the little Bear Cub cries loud and hard on longer car can see what I mean.

I usually need assistance walking. Although some days are better than others. I have a few well-placed bruises from falls I've taken around the house. When we're out Matt usually helps me get around. At the house I can hold on to things. My husband jokes I should use his hiking poles to help get me around :)

Car rides are THE worst. I get so dizzy and nauseous that by the time we reach our destination I am usually feeling like I'm going to pass out. Hubby has to take the girls in then come back out and help me in and all the way I nearly collapse a few times. Usually getting me to the couch for a good 20 minute rest will help alleviate those symptoms. But if I get to that point then you can bet my arm will be tremoring like crazy. I've found a few tricks that help car rides a bit. And I will say not ALL car rides are the same. Usually if I've already done some stuff that day, that last car ride of the day (to get home) is usually the worst. So in other words, the more taxed my body is, the worst the car ride.

I'm really fatigued. Around the house if I'm alone with the girls I basically do JUST what needs to be done. Change diapers, feed bottles, make lunch, help the Goose with the potty, put the girls down for naps, etc. The house is A MESS. My husband comes home and makes dinner and thankfully can usually get at least the dishwasher loaded and washed and usually can wash the rest of the kitchen.

Last week we were so blessed by friends who brought meals and came over to help with the girls. This week a friend is taking the Goose for 5 days so that I can see if I can rest a little more. Maybe dealing with just one little one will help calm my system down a bit more?

My doctor is hopeful that a few more weeks of the meds I'm on and with rest, my nervous system could be calmed down enough that I can be ready for the first round of antibiotics! I hope so. I'd love to start killing the Lyme "bugs" soon!

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