Sunday, January 9, 2011


We all made it safely to the new state we will call home!

Matt and the girls had a long, but fairly easy drive (thank the Lord!!).  Even little Livie faired well and was a much better traveler than she was last summer.

My flight was just fine and though I felt ill, it didn't seem to tax my body much since I wasn't holding a little baby on my lap this time.  I actually feel as though my body is rallying a bit (knock on wood).

Within two days of being here, we were able to secure a house, actually get the keys and sign the lease, and take the kids and Grandma to see it!  Now we are just waiting on our shipment of household stuff so we can move in.

Thankfully we are staying in a timeshare until then.  So there's no pressure to get moved in ASAP.  It helps my physical body to know we can rest in a place with all the amenities as the house gets unpacked and stuff.  And guess what?  The movers will unpack everything and put it all away for us!!!  My husband doesn't start work for another week so he will hopefully be able to handle that whole business.  Less stress on me.

So all in all, it has been fairly easy considering my condition.  Tonight Grandma leaves so this week may be a bit harder but at least we have the biggest hurdle done (getting a place to live).

Thanks for praying!

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