Tuesday, January 25, 2011


These last two weeks of treatment I have felt better than I have felt in a while.  I'm not getting my hopes up that it means anything because it could mean so many things and I could go back to feeling awful in the change of a day.  I mean, even within these encouraging 2 weeks, I had 2 really horrible days.  But the trend that I've had of feeling better is making me cautiously encouraged.

Now instead of being in painful misery on the couch and unable to muster the energy to move, I have been able to walk up and down the stairs in our new house a few times a day without needing to recover.  I've been able to feed and care for the girls without feeling like it was only a job that HAD to be done (otherwise I would curl up and hibernate).  Now, I have had help.  My mother graciously booked a last minute ticket to come help us with the girls, unpack, and put stuff in order here in this bigger house.  Such a blessing!  But even with her here, I've been able to work with her and not just lay somewhere and interrupt my misery to answer questions.

I'm so thankful!!  Even if it turns out that I spiral downward once again, I am thankful for these 2 weeks of somewhat of a respite.

What I still feel?
-I do rest as much as I can. Even if I don't feel like I need to.  And I've seemed to be able to tell as I'm "working" when I need to take a break - like the point right BEFORE I would feel like I should take a break, I stop.

-Some joint pain upon waking and then at the end of the day.  Pain has never been my biggest problem, though.

SO - - - thankful today!!