Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, for sure these last 4-5 days have really walloped me.  At the moment I have got THE worst headache and my whole right side is shaky.  It's always only my RIGHT side.  That is the side of my face that droops too when my body is particularly fighting hard.

Last night my RIGHT leg wasn't working properly so when I tried to walk I just looked funny.  It wasn't a was almost like my right leg didn't want to bend very much so I looked plain silly to my husband and brother.  I also veered a lot - trying to WALK straight but veering one way or another (which means walking into walls or falling into them).  It's why I walk terribly slow when I feel like that; going too fast has resulted in some bruises.

Anyway -- I don't always shake or tremor.  It usually happens when the antibiotics have packed a punch and that seemed evident on the second day of taking antibiotics.  Then hit Thursday and Friday which are days I take a "cyst-buster" drug and there's a whole other world of debilitating symptoms to explore.  Not cool.

I just keep thinking back to every new round of treatment that I've done -- the beginning is the hardest (for me).  As each week of treatment goes on, the less and less my symptoms are there.  So feeling THIS bad right now I know is temporary.....and ultimately for my good.

I took this video at some point a bit ago when my arm was particularly shaky but I still had to feed my little ones.  Just to show you an example of the "shakes" :)

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  1. Heather, I think this is a very informative blog. If I were just diagnosed with Lyme or going through treatment, I would want these videos and health diaries just like you've posted. Thank you for chronicling your journey. It will be a blessing to all those who come after you!