Friday, August 12, 2011


After I take my last dose of meds tonight with dinner, I will get a 2 week break!  My body so wants this break right now.

I feel so awful, terrible, yucky, shaky -- and therefore, in bed.  Thankfully, because of special friends, I get to get another Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  These really do help get the toxins flowing to the right place and ultimately out of me. I'm hoping that I'll have two blissful weeks after this.

One of the meds I'm on can interfere with kidney performance and also mess with your iron levels.  Therefore, they (the drs.) put you on a special prescription of folinic acid.  But apparently with my last blood draw, my body showed that I was low on iron (I've never been) so they want me to take an iron supplement.  Just another thing to add to the med list. :)

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  1. Sorry you are feeling awful, Heather. Hope this break gives you the comfort and peace you deserve. Love to you while you heal.