Monday, August 8, 2011

geared up

Week 2 of meds in this cycle and then I get a two week break! yay!

Last week was definitely not great but not horrible.  I only had one horrid day and that was Thursday.  The first time in the week that I took Flagyl along with my other meds.  It literally knocked me down. I felt like I had been in fisticuffs with some "mean guys" (as my little girl would say).  I couldn't get out of bed and I couldn't sleep.  I was just frozen in various positions in awful pain.  I'd switch positions when the last position didn't help anymore.  Like the worst achy-flu you've ever had multiplied x100.  My mother-in-law is here and I'm so glad she was here for that day because I just texted her from my bed (she was downstairs) and she brought me lunch and water and then basically just kept the girls going on with their day away from me.  It was one of the darker days for me during this whole ordeal.

The next day I finally got up the nerve to try a new masseuse (I hadn't been to one since we moved here 8 months ago).  It's hard to find ones that do lymphatic drainage massage!  But I found one and didn't know after the day I had had the day before whether I'd be able to make it by myself.  My husband was standing by at work ready to come take me if I needed.  But I managed to drive myself over there and walk in.

He did a few different techniques than I was used to but I'll tell you, I had results immediately.  I could walk straight.  Didn't mean I could just go dancing around and spending all my energy, but I could walk without holding on to things!  And I had a little spark....just enough to sit and chat with the family that night instead of holed up in my bedroom.  And I had a way better weekend than I would have if I had not gotten the massage.  And thanks to some kind, thoughtful friends of ours, I get to go back next week on them!  Such a blessing for us!  And also, the masseuse saw that I'd be coming in a lot because of the nature of my disease that he worked out an awesome deal for us so we are going to save $20 per session on each visit.  That is AMAZING.  Thank you, Lord!

This is how I spent my weekend -- super drooped.  While I felt fairly well and even ran a quick errand with Matt's mom,  my eye decided it needed to act up.  It has never been that droopy and it lasted most of Saturday.  Woke up and progressively it dropped and dropped and my daughter even asked, "Why are you closing your eyes while you're reading?"  since she could only see me from the side.  It FELT heavy and even my cheek did.  I'd try to open my eyes wide and only one would.  Ick.
It's was a lot droopier than the last time I mentioned it a few weeks back:


  1. I'm so glad the massage helped you!! Hope this week is better than the last =)

  2. Whoa! That's is a big droop! Poor little droopy eyed girl. I'm praying for you.