Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I got dental work done today.  My right side is numb to the world.  Dribbling water and all.  Funny, as soon as I started eating gluten free and using "natural" toothpaste, I stopped getting cavities.  And the only thing I've had done between then and now was getting my wisdom teeth removed.  I had Lyme then but didn't know it.  It wasn't a terrible experience at all.

This time I had to get a crown.  My dentist wants to avoid me having to have a root canal so he said a crown would be wise.  So I did. I've heard so much about Lyme disease and dental work -- mostly bad.  I don't even know why. The stuff I read seemed pretty confusing to me.

I know long-term antibiotic use can be bad for your teeth so I get them checked regularly and my dentist knows I am on antibiotics.  But so far no problems except for needing this crown.

So anyway, I'm here to report that (as long as you have a dentist you trust) MY Lyme disease+dental work = smooth sailing.

Just my experience, though.  Have you had any Lyme related dental problems?

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