Friday, August 19, 2011


I don't know about you, but being chronically ill makes it awfully hard to shave consistently.  Taking a shower takes all the wind out of me usually (especially on treatment weeks).  I shower not as often as I'd like and often forego the "shaving" part because of how much energy it takes.

Enter Moom - it's sugar based and water soluble so all you do is rinse with water afterwards and you're clean and not sticky.  It doesn't rip your skin apart either.  It is SO gentle and if you've ever waxed before, I can tell you this is quite different.  Your skin is soft and smooth and it is WAY less painful than waxing.

It's 100% natural and is made up only of sugar, water, lemon juice, chamomile, and tea tree oil.  I have very sensitive skin and I had no problems with it.  It comes with some muslin strips that are reusable.  After you've stripped the muslin/sugar based mixture off, you just rinse the muslin strips with warm water and it rinses clean!

It comes in three "flavors" :) Tea tree oil, Lavender, or Rose.  And since the muslin strips are reusable, you can just buy a larger tub of the stuff without paying for the whole "kit".  Here's my leg with a thin layer of the "Moom" on it.  All you need is a paper thin layer to do the job, therefore, I think it's an economical choice as well:

Now you want to see the after-the-pull shot, right?  That, my friends, is T.M.I.  I can tell you I was amazed, though at how out of control my legs had gotten.


  1. Ok, I think this post was just for me! lol. I've been looking around for sugar waxing stuff and trying to decide if it would be gentle enough for my skin. I have some weird rashy sores on my legs. They aren't open sores, but I don't want to let them get that way again!

    From your description of your skin and how it works for you, I think I can do it! Do you have to warm it up first? I don't have a microwave so I'm looking for something that doesn't have to be warmed first.

    And I'm totally with you. Shaving is a luxury for me too. Back in the day I shaved everyday, now? Every 2 weeks usually for my massage. Hate the hair, love smooth skin!

  2. You do have to warm it, unfortunately but if you don't have a microwave you can just sit it in a pot of shallow water and heat the water (and sugar wax) that way. It's slower but it works. I believe the instructions tell you how to do it that way too.

  3. How long have you used it? Sometimes I find that I really like a product from jump and then a couple of times into it .. I just don't like it anymore. So I wonder how quickly the hair growth comes back?

  4. That was my first time. My sister-in-law uses it and she says the hair grows back about every month or two and she said each time she does it, the hair grows back softer and sparser.

  5. So you convinced me! I bought some. Though I'll have to wait another week before trying it. Cause I bought it the same day I shaved! Of course normally my hair grows like faster than lightning hits the ground during a thunderstorm, but this time .. it's going very slow! We'll see how it works. :/ I'm very skeptical, but if there are TWO of you that say it works. We'll see. And who knows, maybe I'll wind up blogging about it. :)

  6. Fun! Yeah, my hair grows funny on my legs. I found out that yes, I did remove a lot of hair, but apparently there was a whole layer of shorter hairs under it that weren't long enough to get taken off. So I'm waiting for them to be a bit longer.....BUT, just with that top layer of hair off, I've been able to wear shorts and skirts and no one notices the hair.

  7. Yeah I think that my hair grows funny too. BUT yes, I have a layer of hair on my legs that generally grows very fast very quickly. I think the whole "layer" of hair thing is why people think that waxing/sugaring doesn't work b.c when they are done ... they still have some hair! But it's just b.c they don't realize that hair grows weird like that.